How to Survive Yacht Week-Croatia If You’re Black AF

I had the opportunity to attend one of the Blackest yacht weeks in history. I’m not sure if I lucked out with timing or if Jesus LaDarius Christ himself chose to bless me, but whatever the reason, it was lit. Having a sea of friendly brown faces around while spending 7 days sailing was comforting….

All You Need to Know About the Yacht Week – Croatia: Part I

Picture you and up to 8 of your closest friends sailing aboard a yacht in the Adriatic Sea. The sun soaking into your skin as you lounge on the deck sipping mimosas while your skipper steers your boat to various exotic marinas. Does this sound like your dream vacation? Would you be shocked to learn that this…

5 to Survive: Spain

Viva España! I’ve just returned from 10 days in Lisbon, Barcelona, Rome, and Ibiza. This year I’ve been to 10 countries in Europe, and Spain has worked its way up to my top five. My best friend and I have taken a trip together every year since we graduated from college. This year she got…

5 to Survive: Iceland

Iceland seems to be on sale in 2016. I’ve seen deals from all over the East Coast and budget carriers, such as WOW Air and JetBlue, fly into KEF (Reykjavik) regularly. If you’re not interested in spending more than 24 hours in the country both Icelandair and WOW Air offer stopovers  en route to destinations in Europe….

5 to Survive: Amsterdam

Every year my sister and I take an international trip together. This helps us bond and experience new cultures simultaneously. Last year we visited the United Arab Emirates and this year we explored 5 countries in Western Europe (Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, and Denmark) over the course of 10 days. I had no expectations for…