Thinking About Retiring Abroad? Consider Barbados

Last week the “Gem of the Caribbean”, Barbados, celebrated 50 years of independence from England. In case you didn’t know, I am the daughter of two proud Barbadians.

Summers during my childhood were full of memories of trips back to St. Lucy, Barbados  to visit my paternal grandparents. It was during these summers that I learned more about the culture and got to experience living life as a Bajan, even if only for a short period of time. The highlights of my week were trips to the beach and visits to one of the island’s most popular fast food chains, Chefette.

Recently a friends of mine’s parents retired and moved to the island. Her mother was born and raised on the island. While her father grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Although he visited the island several times over the years, his experience is completely different now that he lives there. Since moving he’s been inundated with questions on various topics by others interested in moving to the country.In an effort to share what life is like in Barbados he started a blog.

He covers how to obtain citizenship and the differences in American and Bajan culture. Thirty two years after his first visit to the island he can now call it home. Be sure to check out their interview in the local paper and the blog.

Retiring in Paradise.PNG

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