Swimsuits for Every(body)

I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to swimsuits. At my last count I own 56+ pieces *covers eyes*.


If you follow me on social media you’ve probably noticed that I rarely, if ever, wear the same swimsuit in more than one pic. My family and friends constantly tease me (read judge me) for my obsession. I’ve taken to buying swimwear in secret and pretending that I’ve always owned it.

Yes, I know this is bad. But good news! I’ll be sharing my favorite places to purchase swimsuits with you all today. These retailers offer options for all body shapes and sizes. I gladly take all responsibility in advance for any swimsuit addicts that are created from this post.

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I’ve broken the lines into categories by their pricing. $ for lines with pieces averaging less than $50, $$ for lines with pieces ranging from $50-$100, and $$$ for lines with pieces that go for $100+. Direct links are in the picture descriptions.


H&M (Size 2-14 available)

H&M has one of the largest in store swimsuit selections in my area. The pricing is pretty consistent worldwide. So if you’re out of the country and need to pick up a swimsuit last minute, pop in to the nearest one.

ASOS (Size 0-24) *Affiliate link

ASOS has the largest online selection of swimsuits that I’ve ever seen.  They offers options in a variety of categories including: maternity, plus-size, petite, tall, and fuller bust (DD+ cups).

Target (Size XS-3X) *Affiliate link

Target is a great choice, whether in person or online. The store closest to me sells swimsuits year round, but their inventory expands closer to the summer months. If you’d like to get a bargain, checkout your local Target store or visit their website at the end of summer for clearance swimsuits.

Forever21 (Size S-3X)

Forever 21 is in almost every U.S. mall nowadays. They offer limited swimsuits in store, however their website is a treasure trove of affordable, stylish options.

Missguided (Size 0-12)

Missguided doesn’t have as large of a selection as the previously mentioned retailers. However, the suits they do have are sexy. This site is the perfect place to find swimsuits for a baecation. Get 20% off right now with promo code 20GETSOME.

American Apparel (Size XS-L)

According to NY Mag, American Apparel will be closing all of their brick and mortar stores in April of this year. Because of this their supply is extremely limited. However, the few swimsuits they have available are 40% off with promo code TAKE40. Get one before they’re all gone!


Rue107 (Size XS-3X)

Rue 107 has some of the most unique swimsuits I’ve ever seen. They offer a wide range of sizes and eye catching patterns.

Zam Ghuden (Size S-L)

So technically these tops aren’t swimsuits and this clothing line isn’t a swimsuit line. But rules are meant to be broken and a cute swimsuit is hard to come by. I paired a top from the line with some black bikini bottoms and nobody suspected a thing. Go incog-kini with these tops in particular: choice 1, choice 2, and choice 3.


Madison Calley

This line is currently only available for pre-order via email. However, you can sign up on the site to get a notification when the shop is officially open. In the meantime check out their Instagram.

Swimsuits for All  GabiFresh Collection (Size 12-24) *Affiliate link

I love every piece in this line! Seriously, you can’t go wrong with whichever swimsuit you pick. I’ve been following GabiFresh on Facebook for awhile and her fashion choices are impeccable. Her personal style definitely shows in this collection.Receive 40% off of your order by clicking the link above.

Ashley Graham for Swimsuits for All (Size 6-22) *Affiliate link

Ashley Graham is one of the hottest models out right now and her line is just as popping. I had no idea she was working on a collection with Swimsuits for All, but I’m sure happy I found out about it. Receive 40% off of your order by clicking the link above.

Top Shop (Size 0-12)

Top Shop is the Brit’s greatest gift to Americans since Amy Winehouse’s music. If you want to feel like a retro film star on the beach this summer, this is the store for you. Their swimsuits combine vintage silhouettes with modern prints and fabrics. Throw on a pair of cat eye sunglasses and a wide brim sunhat to complete the “Old Hollywood” aesthetic.


BFyne (Size S-L) *Affiliate link

This line has some sexy pieces. You’ll be sure to turn heads wherever you go in these stunners. I’m a huge fan of their KENTE line. The mix of  seductive styles with traditional Kente fabrics is beautiful. Be aware that their bottoms tend to be cut high. Use promo code EMNTHSN4FSB7 for $10 off of your order.

ModCloth (Size XS-4X) *Affiliate link

ModCloth is another great source of retro style swimsuits. Prices for some suits can run high, but they’re truly one of a kind pieces.

Agua Bendita (Size S-L)

This is one of the most eclectic swimsuit lines out. You can be sure that nobody else will have your swimsuit if you purchase it from this designer. Each piece is handmade. Major key, buy these swimsuits in Colombia. I stocked up when I visited Cartagena because they’re sold for a fraction of the price there in comparison to the U.S..

Andrea Iyamah (Size S-XL)

Don’t tell my sister, but the middle suit below will most likely be one I purchase this year (I told you, I’m addicted). I am obsessed with the 2017 Swim collection from this designer. Each piece is distinct and flattering. If anyone wants to gift me with the entire collection let me know.

Asherah Swimwear (Size XS-L)

I followed this swimsuit collection as soon as it came across my timeline on Instagram. The designer’s use of lines and space is genius. These swimsuits are not for the modest, but they definitely make a statement.

Monif C (Size 14W-24W)

This line is stunning! The variety of styles, patterns, and cuts is amazing. Monif C specializes in pieces that help you embrace and flaunt your curves. All pieces are 25% off right now with promo code VACAYGOALS.

Let me know your favorite collection below!


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  1. Hella cute swimsuits. Which ones have an affiliate link? Finna fuck up a check getting ready for summer.

    On Sat, Feb 4, 2017 at 2:45 PM Surviving on a Shoestring wrote:

    > SurvivingOnAShoestring posted: “I have a confession to make. I’m addicted > to swimsuits. At my last count I own 56+ pieces *covers eyes*. If you > follow me on social media you’ve probably noticed that I rarely, if ever, > wear the same swimsuit in more than one pic. My family and” >


    1. Affiliate links have been added above (:


  2. I have a swimsuit additction too, Charisse! When they go on sale, but they only have the top or bottom in my size I still buy it “just in case”. 🙂 I pinned this post for future late night junkie-type behavior. #nomadness


    1. Omg you sound like me! Good to hear from a fellow swimsuit addict lol


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