5 to Survive


As a writer, you typically never want to assume anything about your readers. But I’m going to assume you, the person reading this right now, are smart. I’m going to assume you are fully aware of search engines like Google and sites such as TripAdvisor. I’m going to assume you’d rather read hard to find facts about a destination instead of a story about me forming a deep spiritual connection with an iguana whilst locking eyes over a margarita in Puerto Rico.

If my assumptions are right, then my “5 to Survive” articles are for you (and even if I’m wrong, I’m right). I’ll be revisiting the 20+ destinations I’ve traveled to and giving you the fast and dirty essential info. How much money to bring, common misconceptions, etc… I’m doing this in the hopes that you leave each article more informed about a destination than you were before reading.

Happy travels and happy reading!

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